4 Myths of Business video

From businessmen to scholars, everyone at some point of your life have to, for propagating their project, create an interesting, a convincing and an impressive video. And therefore, it is very important that one knows all the rights and wrongs of video-making. Let us start from the beginning; there are various myths concerning video-making that must be debunked and brought to light so that people don’t fail time and again while releasing their videos.

1 Videos are add on, but not a must

Well, somehow companies have a notion that although videos can bring great growth to companies, yet they see as hipe of too much of hassle- time, money and energy. But this is not true as long as people know how effective videos are!

A good video leaves a wholesome impression on its watcher (Not to forget, human beings are visual) and the latter never tends to forget and appreciate how much efforts the creator had put in. So overall, videos leave a positive impression.

2. Video has to be expensive

I assure you that even if you take help from a video expert, you would not be charged heavens. Yes, there are many people in the industry who think videos are fun, yet don’t invest in them for the fear of having to pay in heaps. But a little research of the market will make them clear

that Video don’t have to always be high budget but be authentic,

the industry is changing with the Technology making professional video much cheaper

right assistance is always available locally

The right thing is to do a little market research yourself, the effort is worth it.

3. Anyone can create a Video

Well, this is partially true, for most of the people making video is as easy a business as eating is; they think that all they need to make a good video is a DSLR and an editing app. But this is one of the biggest and the most financially hurting myths.

Think of a customer who has, before coming to you, watched a professionally edited and brilliantly convincing video! How would he react to or take home your self-made video? He wouldn’t! And his rejection would cost you money, energy, time, human resource and what not! Put yourself in your customers shoe.

So if you anyways have decided to give your time and money to your video, why not make it the best!

4. Different companies for different countries

Well, is this again a myth? There is 2 part to this.

And if your Business in focused on solving a Regional problem, then speaking that culture would be the right thing, seems so, but understanding that the grammar of storytelling in universal, would set you free.

For a Business video, you  are telling your business story, so it is already  for your focused customer, Why would not a creative company that has its business running far and wide hire crew that is globally engaging. They would and they should!  collaborate across the continents to make videos with or for you. doing the Best and Better!

If only one clears one heart off the long lingering doubts, one can make and create progress. Try to research well, interact with the experts and filter right from wrong. This will make the entire process of video making simpler and better.