Considering the  IP video traffic will be 82 percent of all consumer Internet traffic by 2020, it is time that you starts integrating this media into your Business strategy.

#1 Home Page

Even though a Video Background could be over the top in some cases and more suitable for an agency or certain kind of service providers, definitely an embedded Video about your company on your Homepage is a must and well recommended. The webpages with Videos keep your audience engaged. I recommend Keep them small and smart, add a call to action and lead them to the next step.

#2 About Page

Having Human faces and personal messages in the video show your company’s authenticity. Customers get a good insight into the culture and the core value of the company.

#3 Team Page

Helping visitors to understand the people that make up your organization.

A Team Video is beneficial in 3 areas

  1. Builds trust with Customers.
  2. Attracts the right potential future Applicants for your company.
  3. Build Pride and ownership with your employees.

#4 Product/Services Pages

This is the optimal page for your video. On this page, the Customer is interested in learning how he can benefit from your Product/ Service.

Here you are focused on showing the transformation by using your product/service, the user experience. Never forget all videos are to be from a Customer perspective. It needs to answer customer’s primary question ‘What do I get ?’ ‘ How does it benefit me ?’

If your product is SaaS,  of course, a free Trial period would be the hands-on experience. Even in that case, a video would initiate the customer to download the Trial version.

Customers today do a great deal of research before the decision to buy, so structure the videos to be educative and empowering the customer to make a decision.

64% of people are more likely to buy an item online after watching a video

#5 Testimonials / Social Page

The Era of commercial Marketing is in the past. Now we are in the era of Create-Story Marketing. What does it mean? Every Consumer is a Storyteller, which is good, as a company, it is our job to empower customers to tell their story of our Product/service.  This most organic relationship building needs to be at the center of the entire Marketing strategy.

‘Customers listen to and trust on other Customers’

#6 Educational / Support Videos

More and more consumers today rely on Videos for their buying research.  We’re getting to the point where every website needs to have a “video library”— where videos are categorized, educative and searchable. Again on educating and empowering your Customers is a forefront of today’s Marketing.

Having a Library of Videos leads to

  1. Better SEO / Ranking
  2. Saves tons of money/time on Support Calls
  3. Enables Customers be engaged with the brand
  4. Provides faster solutions to Customer queries
  5. Makes Customers feel smart, because they feel educated and empowered, turning them to own the brand and spread the word.