July, 2018

A Powerful 2 World Method to an authentic Brand Story


What is a Brand Story?

Brand Story is the emotional essence of why your Business exists. In the core of your Business is a deep down emotion. Without this Emotion, which some may call a deep passion, you wouldn’t be in the business of serving the world.

Does every Business know its emotional essence? Intuitively Yes. As an Entrepreneur, you feel it. It is this feeling that makes you get up and get things done. But as the leader, are you able to communicate this emotional feeling to your employees and to your Customers?

The Companies which are successful doing become from being a Business to great Brands.

Ok, How do I find this Emotional essence?

I will explain the method I use

Remember the word ‘Deep’

Dive – Explore – Eliminate – Present

We will use the 2 World Method to Dive and develop the Brand Story, finding the Emotional essence of the Business.

Draw 3 Columns

Step 1: A World without

Everything in your Business is about Customer and the value you add to him. Imagine your Customer’s world without your product. Now write down the answers to these simple questions. Keep it simple and as bullet points.

What is the problem he is facing?
What are the emotions he is having because of these problems?

Step 2: A World With

Now imagine your Customer’s World with your Product. Now answer these questions.

How easy his life has become?
How is the solution helping him?
What are the emotions he is feeling every time he is using the product/service?

Step 3: The Bridge

When you read the simple questions above. There is the power in the simplicity of these questions. The questions have been always about the Customer.

Why is that?

It is your Business, but the Brand is all about the Customer. The brand is how the Customer sees your Business.

Now on to the Bridge. The Bridge is your Product or Service. Your Product or Service takes a world as it is and transforms it into a world that should be. The Bridge is the transforming process.

Answer these questions.

What do I and our Business to do transform this world for the Customer?
How do I do it?
How do I feel doing it and how do I feel when I see the transformed world? Write down the emotions as bullet points.

Ok, I have done this. Where is the Story? Where is the Emotional essence?

Every story needs an intro. The ‘World without’ is your Intro, the exposition. The hero is an underdog, the tension rising, the emotions flying, comes to the end of himself. The hero meets his master. He gets his special powers. The rising action is the point of contact with your Business. It is the process of your Business. We will talk about it in a coming Post.

He becomes the hero, he really his. The rising re-introduction of the Hero in the New World. The emotion that he feels is what us as the audience feel. And this emotion of the Hero who is our customer is the Emotional essence of our Brand.

This is the story. Again remember the word ‘Deep’. P stands for Presentation. See that it is just the last part of the puzzle. This story takes different forms. Linear structure or a non-linear format. Whatever format, Design, Photo Campaign, Video Ad, Editorial. The story and the emotion remain the same. As a Creative Director, it is to this story, I work for. I keep this story of the brands that I work for, right in front of me. And my every creative decision is made with this Story. In fact, it is the Story that makes the decision.

Build your Story. Share your stories in comments. Have questions and suggestions? Would be happy to answer them. Write down in the comments.