What I have seen lately, is that people using the terms Color-Correction and Color-Grading interchangabily. Do they mean the same ?

In the days when Films were shot in Film, Color-Correction referred to work on Videos and Grading was referred to Color Timing work on Films. As we have seen, the production move into Digital, the video pipeline and Film pipeline have merged, so the terms have taken new meaning as well.

Color-Correction refers to the technical correction of a Shot.

To Start with White Balance and Camera specific Contrast Curve , basically to get the shot looking neutral.

Color-Grading is the creative correction

and is more do with styling the shot, to match the story telling.You might often find yourself applying a Color grade to a group of Color corrected Shots.


Why does these terms matter ?
Because, they define the workflow. By understanding the workflow, you become the great Colorlist, that are to be.

Who is a Colorlist and what does he do ?

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