Innovation is just a new Interpretation

I see Innovation just a new way of seeing things, a new perspective of what is already existing. One of the Great innovation that has revolutionised, accelerated  our way of life since the creation is ‘Electricity’
We didn’t create it, its not new, it has been in existence since the creation, only now we have seen a way to interoperate it to our advantage. If you look at iPad or iPhone the great innovations of this century, they are uniquely created out of blue, but the technology of Digital mp3 files and convergence of media was playing around in the industry, Apple took was existing and gave a new Interpretation, a new platform.

When I read Ecclesiastes 1:9

 What has been will be again,
what has been done will be done again;
 there is nothing new under the sun.

Having read, it got me confused, how could this be, the technologies that we have are new, people couldn’t even dream of them in the past century, how could this be not new ?  A deeper thought process led to me to understand, that from Newton’s apple, to Apple’s iPhone are just remixes of what has been already existing, puts everything in its root persepective. At root Innovation is new Interpretation.

When you break down Innovation into just being a new perspective, a new way of looking at this already existing, the overwhelming factor of Innovating breaks down, and you understand that you could be innovator too, you  see products and you do customise them to your needs, you would see a house wife customising tools in her kitchen, and she is a innovator in the true sense. 

Being innovator is just being able to see the possibilities of what could be.

Same could be said about Creativity. Creativity and Innovation go hand in hand. In fact, I strongly believe that every one of us is highly creative and highly innovative. Be encouraged, be courages, be a child again, explore, create, innovate.

Additonally Watch Kirby Ferguson | TED Talks, some need to swallow the ego…