I was at the Gym today, took with me the Print out of the write-up and the diagram for the Website. I didn’t know, how people going to react.

Here is what surprised me, I showed them the writing, and asked them to explain to me about our Company.I could see the power of testing.

Wir verstehen uns als Ihren innovativen Dienstleister und Netzwerkmanager. Sie benötigen professionelles Coaching, einen Begleiter Ihres Erfolges oder wollen den Onlineauftritt Ihres Unternehmens?

Sie möchten ein spezielles Produkt oder ihre Dienstleistung bewerben oder suchen nach Werbegeschenken und Giveaways, die bei Ihren Kunden ankommen? Dann sind Sie bei uns richtig

People of course understood it, but differently than what we had meant , for example they took the Word ‘Netzwerkmanager’ and immediately were explaining me, that we were into Marketing , which is right and we were in IT and were into Computer System Networking. Not one but all interpreted that we were into system IT Network. we had a good laugh, I had to explain to them, we are Networking People. Definitely need to change this line.

The second surprise, I was expecting people wouldn’t understand the diagram, its internal and with dots & lines. To my Surprise, everybody said, they understood, it shows what we do, about the process. Cool ! Agree Picture speaks louder…

The third surprise that I learned by talking to random People is that, people are ready to help, It is ok to Ask.

It is ok to Ask.

If one thing I could take away from this experience, is dare to Ask. ‘Ask and you shall Receive’

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