Build your Customers


Build your Customers

Video Editing, Color-Grading and Motion Graphics

I help transform your product and brand story into Video with our Studios in Germany and India.

Chandrasekar Ethiraj
Post-Production / Media Producer

Willdo Media Consulting UG

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Color Grading & Online Compositing

The vital part of the Film, as it enhances the color and beauty of a motion picture, video image, or still image digitally using AutoDesk Flame and Davinci resolve.

3D Product Presentation

We make Films that promote specific products or services which are suitable for all media platforms. We place more emphasis on the key features of the product explaining the uniqueness, to enable the clients get the best of your products or services. Notable among these features are Innovative video techniques, 360View, 2D & 3D animation, Product shots and unique video presentation tools specific to each product.

Motion Graphics

Digital footage and animation technology used in creating the illusion of motion or rotation, and is combined with audio for use in multimedia projects. We create engaging and stunning moving visuals to grasp the attention of the public.

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Learn to transform your ideas,
business story into Video presentation

How to use Color for Emotional Storytelling

I have been recently looking at Video Essays on Film making. There are plenty of them which are good, i appreciate every effort these essay makes put into it. Here is a good study on Colors and emotional Storytelling from  Channel...

Is Innovation, what we think it to be ?

Innovation is just a new Interpretation I see Innovation just a new way of seeing things, a new perspective of what is already existing. One of the Great innovation that has revolutionised, accelerated  our way of life since the creation is 'Electricity' We didn't...

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Color Correction or Color Grading

What I have seen lately, is that people using the terms Color-Correction and Color-Grading interchangabily. Do they mean the same ? In the days when Films were shot in Film, Color-Correction referred to work on Videos and Grading was referred to Color Timing work on...

4 ways to correct White Balance in Post

White Balance is the first thing that I start working on a shot for Color grading. Only when we have correct tone, any stylisation Exposure corrections will give correct Color depth. My humble request to all DPs is to get the White Balance in Camera. One might argue,...