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4 Myths that will kill your Business Video

  From businessmen to scholars, everyone at some point of your life have to, for propagating their project, create an interesting, a convincing and an impressive video. And therefore, it is very important that one knows all the rights and wrongs of video-making. Let...

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5 Videos every Business should have

  If you are reading this blog you already understand how vital Video Marketing has already become and more than 86% of content created in 2016 are going to be video.   1. Brand Video Explains who you are ? What you do ? What benefits you offer ? It is definitely not...

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# Myths of Social Media Marketing

In this Episode of doing Business in Germany, I sat down with Stefan Frisch, Social Media Expert, Consultant in Nürnberg,Germany, discussing the common Myths of Social Media. Please Subscribe. Comment your suggestions and questions regarding starting, growing Business...

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5 years, Under the Sun

As I watched this Video, jaws dropped, I wondered, if this a Showreel from a High-budget James Cameron Movie, but definitely not, this is Time-lapse Video realeased by  NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory or SDO, marking 5 years in space. "Capturing an image almost once...

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What is Sixth Sense ?

Have you ever thought what is the #Sixth Sense is ? Most of us would give the text book answer - #Sixth Sense is about knowing right and wrong, because thats what we have been thought. If we say animals have 5 senses and we do have the sixth sense, doesn't animal know...

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The Greatest Risk is, not to Risk

When we think of risk, we always associate with fear, with foolishness, but that isn't necessarily be true. # Risk is a possibility Risk is a possiblity when you are striving towards a vision , a goal. A possibility to win or to fail. If you are afraid of failure, you...

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